Thursday, November 13, 2014

Emerging from a thick fog with a halloween update

Sorry I have been so MIA.  I blame this adorable little guy.

We were coasting along great until he reached 4 months.  Then boom.  We stopped sleeping, didn't nurse well and became generally needy.  Apparently this is a thing - the four month regression.  It is blamed on some sort of developmental phase.  Either way, he wasn't sleeping, I wasn't sleeping, the two year old wasn't sleeping and therefore the hubby wasn't sleeping.  
But we made it (are making it) and now this cutie is 5 months and doing so much better.  The past few weeks haven't been a total loss either.  We've managed to enjoy most our fall.

Especially Halloween.

The cutest little piggy and bernese mountain dog ever!

Our little piggy had so much fun tricking or treating this year.  We practiced saying "trick or treat" and she seemed to get the hang of it until she reached someone's door, then it came out as "happy birthday" or "thank you".  At least she was happy and appreciative.  She also insisted on taking baby Star trick or treating with her.  I don't think she shared her spoils with her though.

While the little bit of trick or treating we did was fun, what Ella really loved was greeting the trick or treaters.  She watched for them at the door and when she saw them coming she would stand on the porch and shout, "friends!"  Then she would put handfuls of candy in their buckets untilI intervened.  Which I hated to do because it was so fun to watch and we barely had ANY kids come by our house.

Well that was our super fun Halloween.  I am already planning for next year!  

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