Thursday, August 14, 2014

DIY: Fabric Flower Tutorial

Awhile back while blogging over at Cherry Street Cottage I put together a little video on how I make my fabric flowers.  It has been pretty popular so I thought I would share it again here on Little + Lovely because what is more little and lovely than fabric flowers?

I have to give fair warning.  First of all, I have never made a video tutorial nor posted a video on my blog so just keep that in mind.  You will also notice that I get a text at some point in the video, my glue gun breaks and I have a terrible time working my fingers.  You see I was looking through the camera as I made it and whenever I tried looking around the camera I ended up out of focus or even out of the frame.    But overall I think you will get the idea.  So go easy on me......

And if you can't stand my voice (or my video) than here are some photos to try and walk you through it.

Start with a strip of fabric about 2 inches by 18 inches.  The smaller the rosette than the smaller the strip and vice versa.

Then fold the fabric in half.

Then fold it in half again.  How wide this beginning part of your fabric is, dictates how thick your rosette is.  I like my flowers on the thinner side.  Thus the double fold.

Then start rolling it to form a little bud which will be the center of your flower.

Once the bud is about the size of your fingernail secure it with a little hot glue.  It is important to give your flower a little glue every few folds so it doesn't come unraveled.  First you need to learn how to make these folds though.  This is where the video may be more helpful but let's try it with pictures.

Just keeping folding as you go around and around.  And don't forget to give it some glue every few folds.  
And don't worry about messing up.  You can't go wrong.

There are so many wonderful things you can do with these fabric flowers: headbands, barrettes, pins for clothing and hats….

Pinterest has no shortage of amazing uses.

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  1. So so nice... I made a flowers on a hat I crocheted as I learned when I was young, but yours are so gorgeous, that I will try them..
    Thank you for the great tutorial.
    I like your new blog.


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