Monday, September 22, 2014

Colorado Vacation Recap

We finally made it out to Colorado this summer.  With a new baby and some work conflicts we didn't think we'd make it this year but fortunately we were able to plan a trip at the last minute and I am so glad.  The last time we were there Ella was 10 months old and hardly able to enjoy it.  This year was different.  We may not have gotten in any amazing or intense hikes but watching Ella explore the Rocky Mountains was such a blessing.  As a parent there is nothing better than watching your child explore new experiences.

The wind was blowing through the trees and they captivated her attention.  That and the squirrels squealing.

Her real obsession right now are rocks and we knew Colorado would rock her world.  Pun intended.
Climbing, sitting and collecting rocks made EVERY hike (make that trip outside) 4x longer.  

And yes she peed her pants in this photo - that's what you get for forcing a ton of water down your toddler in a short period of time and then taking her to a mountain without back-up diapers.  She didn't mind.

It took her so long to hike because she had to pick up every rock and she could not let one fall from her chubby little toddler hands.  And every time one fell, the rest fell in the process of picking up the first and this vicious cycle continued every 5 feet.  

So we got her a little bucket to hold her treasures.  It kind of helped.  That and her little backpack.

The bucket also came in handy on Lake Dillon beach where we would take the dogs to run around.  The water was freezing but that didn't stop anyone.

And here are a few other favorites from our trip.  Sorry for the photo dump.

First gondola ride was a hit.  She's ready for ski season.

Ella became obsessed with the long board and always asked for rides.

We like collecting rocks and digging in mud but we don't like muddy hands?

Breck crepes are a must!

And this photo just kills me.  Finally free from the baby wrap.

Great times.  Good memories.  
Can't wait to go back.

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  1. Lot of beautiful pics. Beautiful place and a beautiful family


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