Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Football Season (and a football baby hat)

Football season is finally here!

I love Sundays in the fall.  It is probably a little less about the actual game for me and more about cozy Sundays either snuggling on the couch with family or celebrating with friends.  Chili, hard apple cider and even some apple cider donuts are a must for our game day celebrations.  As well as a little team spirit and a really, really good blanket.  Well in my opinion at least.  I think if the hubs were to make his list it would be a little different, probably just beer and chili.  At least we agree on one thing.  That and giant Jenga.  That is a half-time must!  So much fun.

Football season is also a really good excuse to dress your babies up in adorable football hats.

I'm working on making Ella a new football hat so she won't have to steal her brother's anymore.

You can get the pattern in my Etsy shop to make your own just in time for football season.

2.    Chili bar
3.    Giant Jenga
4.    Bottle Opener
10.  Blanket

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