Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DIY: Tiles Transformed Into Coasters

I love these easy, cute and personalized coasters.   It's the perfect way to display your favorite Instagram photos in your home or make them for a friend as a housewarming gift.  I've made several sets, most as gifts, but have kept a few for myself.

Our trip to Cali.

 And our trip to Scotland.

They are durable, practical and cheap.  So cheap that you can make a million different sets and keep switching them out.  I have plans to make a few holiday sets either with our own photos or fun illustrations printed from the internet.  I'd love to also include some quotes.  There are no limits in terms of what you transfer onto the coasters.  But first, let me tell you how to transfer the images.  I used this method to also transfer photos to wood.  You can view the tutorial here and see actual step by step photos.

- 4x4 photos (printed on standard paper using a laser-jet printer)

I bought basic, white 4x4 tiles from Home Depot.  I then printed 4x4 images on a high-quality laser-jet printer using basic printer paper.  DO NOT use photo paper or card stock and DO NOT use an inkjet printer.  If you don't have access to a laser-jet printer I recommend having your images printed at Kinkos or something.  But remember to use standard printer paper.  Nothing fancy.

Once your photos are cut to size, spread the gel medium generously on the front of the tile.  Really give it a nice thick, complete coat because this is what the image adheres to.  While still wet, place the image right-side down on top of the tile and press down firmly making sure there are no wrinkles or bubbles and the image is completely adhered to the tile.  Let the tile sit for 8 hours or overnight to dry.  Once it is completely dry you can begin to remove the paper with water and a rag.  You will have to really give it a good scrub.  Don't worry you will scrape the image off in some areas....that is because your gel medium was not as thick and so it didn't adhere but I personally love that look.  Especially around the corners.  It takes several coats of rubbing to get all the paper off.   Some fuzz left on is okay too since you will coat the whole tile with mod podge to secure and protect  the image.

Once the mod podge dries your coasters are ready to use!

And in my opinion the best cup to pair with them is a The Mason Bar Company tumbler.
I'm obsessed.

My favorite is the 24oz. tumbler.

I loved it so much I bought a case of 24 oz. mason jars at Target to use as my everyday cups and then bought a few extra wide mouth lids from The Mason Bar Company to pair with them when I'm on the go.

My next purchase is the 12 oz. tumbler.  It is the perfect size for Ella as she gets older and more responsible and I'd love to do the same thing and buy a case of the 12 oz. mason jars to use around the house and a bunch of the regular mouth lids to go with them.  So affordable and fun!

And I was so excited to find these plastic straws at Target the other day to go with them.  They are extra long and fit the 24 oz. jar perfectly.  Plus they were 50% off at my store.

That's how I use my coasters.  Hope you have as much fun using yours!

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