Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY: Beaded Necklace

My wardrobe consists of three colors: white, black and grey (sometimes navy) so I am in some major need of color.  Being shy to color like I am, the best way to add a pop is with some jewelry.  Since I am cheap and enjoy crafting I decided to try making my own necklaces.  Now I am obsessed.

It was so fun!  From the bead shopping to the necklace designing I loved creating these.  And like all things I try - super easy!

Using Etsy I purchased a bunch of Czech glass beads - 6mm.  To easily find some options search "craft supplies faceted czech glass beads" or check out some of my favorites on Etsy.  I also purchased some nylon cord used specifically for beading.

The best part was coming up with all the different combinations.  In my opinion you really can't mess this up.  Well its really hard to mess this up.
It isn't necessary but I tied knots on each side of my bead series to keep it in place.

Then lastly I used this tutorial to create sliding slip knots so the necklaces could be worn long or short.

My little model loves her jewelry!  I might not get these necklaces back long enough to wear one.

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